How To Start A Graphic Design Business

The decision to go from worker bee to your own boss is often very scary. Most new entrepreneurs in this field begin while doing “freelance” work on nights and weekends. This is most always the first step to test the waters and see if you can truly be your own boss. The switch from nighttime freelancer to full-fledged design entrepreneur can be a scary transition, but is a necessary step to becoming a success.

Not every designer has what it takes to make it on his or her own. If you are starting your own business because you want to escape responsibility, you should seriously rethink this decision. The world of an entrepreneurship, while free and glamorous to onlookers, is often riddled with long days and often-uncomfortable tasks.

When starting out on your own, you will be responsible for making sales, dealing with clients, accounting, billing, and a number of other tasks. If you prefer to design and not have direct contact with clients, you will be better suited to work for someone else. On the other hand, if you are driven and motivated to make your business work at all costs, the world of entrepreneurship will be a good fit for you.

Here are a few tips that will make your transition from “in-house designer” to “entrepreneur” as painless as possible.

#1 Business Name

Pick a professional name for you business. The key here is to make yourself appear larger than you actually are. Even if you are working from a cramped desk in your bedroom, you will want to create the illusion of being a larger company. Clients want to work with established businesses and there is often a stigma that is associated with home based businesses.

#2 Marketing Materials

You are a designer, so the first impression that you leave with prospective clients is going to have a big impact on your success or failure. Make sure to design professional business cards and have them professionally produced.

#3 Start Networking

Join business-networking organizations in your community. You will meet and get to know other business people who may be a great source of potential business referrals. Most designers, and most people for that matter, are not comfortable with cold calling. While sometimes necessary, a good amount of cold calling can be replaced by good old-fashioned relationship based selling or word of mouth marketing. So get out there, network, form relationships, and watch your business grow.

#4 Price Competitively

Make sure to start out with a fair pricing structure. Most designers starting out on their own price themselves way below their competitors. Be confident and know what your services are worth. Research other firms in your market and price yourself accordingly. You should be charging anywhere between 50 to 100 dollars per hour, depending on the market. If you are charging less than 50 dollars per hour, your business will be destined to fail from the onset.

#5 Get A Website

Most of your potential clients and referral partners are going to want to see samples of your work. A company website is the easiest way to show your portfolio off. If you aren’t a web designer, do invest in a quality designer that will give you a professional image on the web. Once you have a professional site, move forward with an Internet marketing campaign. Work on your site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and set up a pay per click campaign. If you aren’t familiar with this type of marketing, hire an Internet marketing consultant.

#6 Get Paid

Most design companies charge an initial deposit before any work is completed. Adhere to this practice, by charging clients 50% before taking on a project. This will weed out clients who might not pay and will ensure that your valuable time is spent on work that you will be paid for.

These are a few tips to consider when starting out on your own as professional graphic designer. The road to entrepreneurship can be difficult, but will offer you many rewards. If you work towards your goals with diligence, you will be on your way to success.

SIP: A Systematic Investment in Telecommunication Systems!

Proper and effective communication is the need of the hour where most businesses rely on the telephony communication system. It is mandatory for organizations to stay in touch with clients all over the world for a business to flourish and increase productivity. And VOIP trunk is one of the latest inventions that has created quite a buzz in the telecommunication world.

We all have heard of VOIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, the new age telecommunication system. It helps organizations to reduce calling costs to a large extent, including national as well as international calls. But most companies will already be having a PBX phone system installed, which they obviously will not want to tear apart. And SIP trunking services Canada has come as a blessing in disguise since it is the only solution to getting the best of both worlds! With the help of VOIP trunk organizations can obtain all the benefits of a VoIP Trunk without having to de-install their legacy phone systems.

The benefits of using VoIP business phone system are many and so is the need for using managed SIP trunking.

• Consumers using VoIP services know ahead of time every month their exact billing amount, except for international calls. There are hardly any billing errors and no extra and unnecessary charges on services. Therefore organizations nowadays are more in favor of taking services from a SIP provider.

• The VoIP solutions are software based and can be easily updated or expanded without investing further. This helps organizations to save a lot on operating costs, and SIP trunking for SMBs as well as SIP Trunking for enterprises is gaining in popularity.

• Most VoIP service providers offer facilities such as unlimited local and long distance
calling along with the convenience of bundling both voice and data over one network. This is both effective as well as fast apart from being very cost effective.

• With help of VoIP Trunks companies can take the help of simple 3 digit transfer easily to any other branch office, situated in any other city of the world or in any remote location.

These are just some of the innumerable benefits that SIP Trunks can provide. Using the services of SIP or Session Initiation Protocol can be one of the smartest investments by any organization that wants to run a business on effective communication systems.

Low Cost Home Based Business

Imagine being able to sell hundreds or thousands of products online without ever having to to a single piece of it. This is what one of the best low cost home based business opportunities today offers to anyone willing to take the time to learn it.

Think about the Walmart approach to selling in their stores. Basically Walmart has packed thousands of items within their stores and has almost guaranteed themselves that every customer that walks through the door will find something they want or need to buy. Check around with you friends and see how many of them have gone in to a Walmart lately and walked out without buying something.

Now think about being able to take that same approach with a low cost home based business except you never buy, store or ship a single product and hardly ever even interface with a customer.

This is the business of affiliate marketing and to give you an idea of how rewarding it can be I have one product that I market for a company that sells for $29.00 and I earn $15.68 for every sale I help generate. How do I help generate or what is my part in the sale process? This is why affiliate marketing is the best and fastest growing low cost home based business.

My piece in this sales process is to figure out how to attract people looking for information or to buy whatever it is I am marketing and direct them to the merchants website. That is it in a nutshell. They go to the merchant website, make a purchase and I get $15.58 each and every time. This is just one product and there is literally thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of products and services you can choose to market and make a living.

Of course I do not want to down play the fact that there is some work involved in this low cost home based business but I will also tell you that I have learned how to properly market online without spending any money at all so that $15.68 is 100% profit for me. I did invest a little bit in training on the business from a reputable internet marketing site that assisted me with everything I needed to start building my business, allows me to interact with others who are new or veterans in the business and provides some one on one support when I get stuck on something.