Are You In Alignment With Your Business?

For the past three years I have struggled. I mean really struggled. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I had built a very profitable business before. One that grew quickly and bloomed into a beautiful success. So what was wrong this time?

The harder I tried the more I struggled. I looked back to see what type of marketing I did before and tried to match those efforts, but to no avail. It seemed I was doomed for failure.

When the first of the year came around I really started doing some deep soul searching. I took long walks and spent time in meditation. It finally came to me! Actually I think spirit had been nudging me all along but I kept ignoring the signals. You see, I had invested so much time and energy into my business and I am not a quitter!

But I am an entrepreneur I reminded myself and one of the key traits of being an entrepreneur is knowing when to let go, knowing when it’s time to move in another direction. When I finally realized that the problem was simply that I was out of alignment with my business the solution came easy.

So what does that mean to be out of alignment with your business? It simply means that when your beliefs, your values and your mission are not in alignment with your target market your business will not flow. That is exactly where I found myself. I felt like I was stuck in quicksand and suddenly someone reached in and pulled me out.

I didn’t have to ditch my whole business plan. Most of it was aligned perfectly. My values, beliefs and mission and aligned perfectly. I was marketing to the wrong people. No wonder they couldn’t hear me! My target market was not the big corporations but the individual like you and me. Entrepreneurs and people wanting to go into business for themselves are my ideal clients. They are usually open to change and a new approach. Once I got my business balanced I began flowing down the river of success.

Buying Foreclosures Improves Investment Returns

Beyond the obvious: “Buy low, sell high”, what may be less obvious is this: your money on a transaction is made when you buy. It is realized when you sell. You only have one opportunity to buy at the right price. And paying too much for a property is a large part of the reason so many people are in trouble today!

Buying right allows you options in case things don’t go as planned or as scheduled. For example, you buy a property to rehab and flip and you run into a major zoning snag that delays the project 6 months to a year. Or you may have any one of a million unexpected cost over-runs. You discover that if you make your anticipated improvements, you will end up spending more than you can reasonably expect to get back.

If you have bought the property right, you may still be able to salvage the investment. Here are some options you can explore:

  1. You can just “flip it” without doing the anticipated improvements – in effect, selling the problem to someone else to solve – who may have deeper pockets or more experience.
  2. Go forward with the improvements but rather than sell, you rent the property – creating cash flow until the market “catches up” to your improvements.
  3. Structure a “rent with option to buy” scenario for a “wannabe” homeowner that can afford the monthly payments but doesn’t have a down payment saved. Ideal candidates for this type of scenario are professionals recently graduated from college with large student loans – doctors and lawyers come immediately to mind.
  4. Depending on your loan situation, perhaps you can sell the property by taking back paper – i.e. owner financing. This can be an attractive option for the professional we mentioned above or for someone that has damaged credit that can’t otherwise get financing. You will, of course, want to be cautious about transacting with such a person. However, not everyone with damaged credit is a deadbeat. Remember: Life is what happens when you make other plans – and sometimes people just get caught in a bad situation.

You may not make as much as you had hoped, but at least you won’t lose money. The more creative and flexible you can be, the better your chances of salvaging your investment. As already said, life is what happens when you make other plans – so having 2-3 different exit strategies is always prudent.

You Can Save Money in Your Home With a Little Self Investment in Energy Efficiency

I’m sure you want to be more energy efficient in your life. We all do. When looking back on one’s life we sometimes say, “I wish I would have…” Then you move on and it seems to stay in the past, until you are reminded of it again. You may say to yourself, “I’m going to do better from now on.” That’s right! We all want to do better and be better. Don’t we?

There are some issues that are becoming quite distasteful in our future about energy efficiency in our homes, and the increases in costs to power them. The government wants to tax for your carbon footprint and energy consumption. The power companies willingly increase rates to pay for this. Also, the environment is suffering because of our needs for ever increasing power usage. It goes on and on, and it will continue guaranteed.

There are new ideas and inventive concepts that are being suppressed by our government and especially the power companies, in order to keep consumers needs maximized towards power consumption, and their bottom line. Why? Because the government want’s increased tax revenues on energy usage to fund and subsidize their continued strangle hold, and control, on you the consumer. And the power companies want to continue raising rates to pay for this in order to maximize there profits.

Now, take the time you have to think about “How can you be more energy efficient?”, to save money with energy, and help save the environment. With a little research you will find several creative ideas that start with saving pennies and others that save thousands of dollars.

In my research I’ve found some very creative ways to lower energy costs and even create income. Many of these creative concepts are being suppressed, in order to keep the demand on power from the electric companies.

Solar panels plans that show you how to construct your own in order to power your home with the sun are a terrific way, with a minimal investment, compared to a contractor’s costs which would be thousands. Now these plans are not complicated and, when implemented properly, will allow you to even make money from the power company with the extra energy you produce. They have to buy any extra energy you make by law.

A plan to adapt power from your phone line is an innovative idea that not only gives you a power source, but is already paid for in your phone bill. This power will typically not go down even in a blackout, because this source is separate from your normal incoming electric service. Again, a very small investment for this project to be up and running, saving you tons of money, continually.

A zero point free energy generator that you construct, which works by itself, powers itself without needing any external sources is another suppressed idea. By implementing this device, you will generate absolutely free energy, and you will stop paying the power companies.

These are some fabulous concepts that create massive savings with energy efficiency. Stop saying “I wish I would have…” Realize That, “I’m doing better from now on.”