We’re Too Small To Need A Business Plan!

Every bit of evidence indicates that for a business to thrive and grow, and to ensure it’s protected from uncertainty, it needs a plan; the plan shows that you have thought about the opportunities and threats, about the objectives and the targets, and that there is a system in place for measuring progress, so that in the event of deviation immediate corrective action can be taken.

Unfortunately, I hear all too often “we’re too small to need a plan” or “we don’t have the time to spend on that sort of thing.” These are the words uttered by companies that later find themselves in deep financial difficulties because they failed to anticipate. I have worked with a significant number of such companies, and unless you have a stockpile of cash, a very understanding bank, or an alternative source of funds (like re-mortgaging the house), the line between survival and failure can be very thin.

Consider this. Is it better to invest your time in stabilising the business and growing the profitability, confident that you have the contingency plans in place to deal with most eventualities, or in fire-fighting and dealing with the issues as they arise, uncomfortable in the knowledge that you’re just waiting for the next crisis to happen?

The Business plan has three primary functions:

  1. To serve as an Action Plan
  2. To serve as a Road Map
  3. To serve as a Sales Tool
  • Action Plan. A business plan will help you to pull apart the pieces of the business and examine each piece by itself. So instead of one large problem, you have a sequence of smaller problems. And by solving the small problems, the large problem is automatically solved. So writing a business plan can help to move you to action, by breaking down a seemingly insurmountable task, like growing the business, into many smaller, less intimidating tasks.
  • Road Map. With an existing company the business plan is an invaluable tool to help keep you on track, and moving in the direction you want to go. In the hurley-burley of daily business, it is very easy to lose sight of your objectives and goals – a business plan can help to keep you focused. A business plan can also serve to help others to understand your vision, including suppliers, customers, employees, friends, and family.
  • Sales Tool. Perhaps most importantly, a business plan can serve as a sales tool. The business plan indicates how much cash will be needed to fund future operations, it also provides the framework for the “what-if” analyses; what would happen if you were able to increase revenues by 25%, what would happen if you lost that major customer, what would happen if you were able to cut costs by 3%.

Included in the business plan are the Sales and Finance Plans. These document need not be exhaustive, but they do provide a valuable excuse to think about the future, and to spend time working ON the business rather than working IN the business. We all want our businesses to be working for us, and not as most commonly happens, for us to be working for the business.

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Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Professional Website

3 Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Website

Starting up a business can be an exciting, yet highly stressful time. Getting your first customers is a thrill and the future is looking bright. Then you hit the infamous “Dip” made famous by the short book written by Seth Godin. You have a small client base, however new customers are not being acquired. Here are a few reasons why having a professional website can bring in those new customers you have been craving for.

1. A Statement

Having a website makes you “official”. Being business owners we know the importance of being professional. A website that is designed by a web design firm, and not a “home-made” page, will properly represent your company to everyone who is a visitor (future customer or investor). Make a statement about what your company represents and the service you offer. A business card can only give a small portion of information. A website you have much more of a chance to make an impact and statement to a future client.

2. Best Return of Investment (ROI)

Marketing your business can be a very expensive, yet necessary procedure. Billions of dollars are wasted on advertising each year. The best ROI is what every marketer drives for. You can spend money on advertising on late night TV, but you have a product directed to parents of children. This would not be effective marketing, even though late night TV ads are less expensive. The market you are targeting is most likely asleep, because of work and the kids school in the morning. So much money is wasted on advertising on TV, most people do not watch commercials. In fact with the recording technology of today, quite a few people fast forward through commercials. A website is a lot more affordable than a TV commercial. A website can generally pay for itself in just one month. It will continue to bring in revenue and new clientele. The internet is the most effective and direct method of marketing.

3. Everyone Is Doing It

You always want to stand out and differ your business from others. You want to get as much positive attention to your business and hope that the promotion converts into new customers. No promotion is just as bad as negative promotion. Everyone is getting a website for their companies. If you do not have one, you do not stand out at all. The way you stand out when “everyone is doing it” is by doing it better. Have the best website. Hire someone who will design your site in a stand out way.

There are so many website design firms out there, choosing one can be a difficult task. We suggest choosing one that has a monthly service. The monthly service will usually include hosting, maintenance, and SEO. SEO is very important, because it will bring traffic to your site. Also in the package will be included any updates to your site. These packages usually save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for your website design.

Good Luck and work hard through the dip you may be stuck in. Becoming successful requires great ideas followed through with hard work and determination.