Making Decisions for a Home Based Business

There is something special that takes place when someone makes a decision to do something in developing a home based business. I’m talking about the kind when we say to ourselves “I will until, whatever it takes” in building a home based business. There seems to be a huge difference between 99% and 100%. I’m not exactly sure why, nor if the road to an absolute decision means we stay at that 99% level for a while because that does seem to happen. Either way there is something incredible that happens at 100% to your freedom income.
We all know the story of the General who, after landing all of his soldiers on shore, burned the boats so there was no way to retreat. He told the soldiers “Win or die”. They won. That was an absolute decision. Same thing when you decide to build your home based business and have success no matter what it takes.

I have seen the difference that 1% makes in this industry many, many times. That 1% seems to be the difference between success and mediocrity quite often. It’s that 1% that fools the maker but not the universe. Sometimes we hold a little back, just in case.

Why do we do that? It’s that mindspeak that we use on ourselves that seems more comfortable. You know what I mean, the back-up plan for failure in case we can’t seem to make that monthly residual income high enough. We can fool ourselves but not the law of the universe. Fear and doubt attracts negatives. Perhaps the worst part of this is that most of the time there is no real reason for being fearful or doubtful. Our perceptions of the negatives that could happen are usually very distorted and blown out of proportion. This just seems to be part of human nature as it relates to building a home based business.

100% decisions attract the right things. For example, my friend Cameron approximately 2 years ago, near the end of July, his buddy Rick made a 100% decision; he was going to find a serious builder and go to work with that person. My friend called him the week after. There are no mistakes, things don’t just happen. Then he made an absolute decision. There is no back-up plan, I WILL until. I absolutely believe that is what you need to have to build a long term sustainable residual income in a home based business. Many people have paid their dues along the journey and continue to pay their dues. That little 1% makes all the difference in developing a residual income or what I like to call a Freedom Income. It stops us from looking back and hesitating in doubt. That 1% makes us say “Next” quite easily when someone turns us down. That 1% releases the tension and stress from negative results because they are only temporary in terms of building a home based business. There is a calmness that comes through a resolute decision because it makes the person absolutely focused and confident. Entrepreneurs make absolute decisions all the time about their home based business. Yesterday we watched a program about two people that have mortgaged their homes and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in a business venture catering gourmet food to train commuters in Boston. That was an absolute decision. It’s also a leadership decision. Absolute, no holds barred, decisions create that peaceful residual kind in a home based business. When someone makes that kind of decision it is easy to see. They do the things that others won’t do because they have decided to win the game and achieve their goals in creating a sustainable residual income for their home based business.

I ask all of you to examine your decisions and see if you are at 99% or 100%. Don’t let that 4 letter word called “fear” hold you back from having a great life. Talk to somebody about it and be certain that there isn’t something missing from your resoluteness and purpose. That 1% makes all the difference, it attracts the right things. It creates the “Right Stuff” in the maker.

Have a great week everyone

Submitted by

Darrell Lischka