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Are You Using This Great Way To Get Your Business Noticed Online?

It has been said that the pen is mightier then the sword. If that is the case then why are you not using what could be the most powerful item to get noticed online?

When we started our website, we were not much different than anyone else out there. Our website went live and we worked to get all of our customers. One way we did this was work with other web sites that were similar in nature to ours and agreed to write articles for them.

These articles we wrote helped us build our customer base online and gave us the ability to get our expertise out there in written word on the world wide web.

Are you an expert in something? What does your company specialize in? Answer those two questions and start writing about them. To get noticed online give people what they want to read, information, and web site partners what they crave, content.

You should write about one article per week. If you have the time to write more that`s great, but once a week will do. Create partnerships with other websites that could use your content. For example, my friend runs a rental property repair business. He writes about an article a week on how to handle the small repairs, and other things of that nature. His content can be found on real estate investors, investment clubs, and landlord web sites and so on.

You get the point. After he writes his articles he then emails them to his contact and they do the rest. They post it on their website; even email it to their members in their newsletters.

Your article should be 500 to 100 words in length. Any shorter and it won`t be taken serious, any longer and no one will read it because it will be too long and take up too much space on your partner`s web site.

Your article should be informational. In other words it shouldn’t be 500 words on why they should use your service or buy your product, but 500 words on what you are an expert at with some statistics if possible.

Finally, after the article is complete add an “About the Author” section where you tell people who you are and how they can get in touch with you. You can see an example of this in our own article here.

Articles published on the correct web sites will greatly improve your popularity online for your business and web site. The best part it only costs you some time.

By: Bruce A. Tucker

Making Decisions for a Home Based Business

There is something special that takes place when someone makes a decision to do something in developing a home based business. I’m talking about the kind when we say to ourselves “I will until, whatever it takes” in building a home based business. There seems to be a huge difference between 99% and 100%. I’m not exactly sure why, nor if the road to an absolute decision means we stay at that 99% level for a while because that does seem to happen. Either way there is something incredible that happens at 100% to your freedom income.
We all know the story of the General who, after landing all of his soldiers on shore, burned the boats so there was no way to retreat. He told the soldiers “Win or die”. They won. That was an absolute decision. Same thing when you decide to build your home based business and have success no matter what it takes.

I have seen the difference that 1% makes in this industry many, many times. That 1% seems to be the difference between success and mediocrity quite often. It’s that 1% that fools the maker but not the universe. Sometimes we hold a little back, just in case.

Why do we do that? It’s that mindspeak that we use on ourselves that seems more comfortable. You know what I mean, the back-up plan for failure in case we can’t seem to make that monthly residual income high enough. We can fool ourselves but not the law of the universe. Fear and doubt attracts negatives. Perhaps the worst part of this is that most of the time there is no real reason for being fearful or doubtful. Our perceptions of the negatives that could happen are usually very distorted and blown out of proportion. This just seems to be part of human nature as it relates to building a home based business.

100% decisions attract the right things. For example, my friend Cameron approximately 2 years ago, near the end of July, his buddy Rick made a 100% decision; he was going to find a serious builder and go to work with that person. My friend called him the week after. There are no mistakes, things don’t just happen. Then he made an absolute decision. There is no back-up plan, I WILL until. I absolutely believe that is what you need to have to build a long term sustainable residual income in a home based business. Many people have paid their dues along the journey and continue to pay their dues. That little 1% makes all the difference in developing a residual income or what I like to call a Freedom Income. It stops us from looking back and hesitating in doubt. That 1% makes us say “Next” quite easily when someone turns us down. That 1% releases the tension and stress from negative results because they are only temporary in terms of building a home based business. There is a calmness that comes through a resolute decision because it makes the person absolutely focused and confident. Entrepreneurs make absolute decisions all the time about their home based business. Yesterday we watched a program about two people that have mortgaged their homes and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in a business venture catering gourmet food to train commuters in Boston. That was an absolute decision. It’s also a leadership decision. Absolute, no holds barred, decisions create that peaceful residual kind in a home based business. When someone makes that kind of decision it is easy to see. They do the things that others won’t do because they have decided to win the game and achieve their goals in creating a sustainable residual income for their home based business.

I ask all of you to examine your decisions and see if you are at 99% or 100%. Don’t let that 4 letter word called “fear” hold you back from having a great life. Talk to somebody about it and be certain that there isn’t something missing from your resoluteness and purpose. That 1% makes all the difference, it attracts the right things. It creates the “Right Stuff” in the maker.

Have a great week everyone

Submitted by

Darrell Lischka

Community and Lifestyle – Key Elements in Choosing a Great Neighborhood

When searching for a place to call home, consider that choosing the “right” neighborhood can be just as important as finding the “right” home. Many elements that will distinguish what is a good neighborhood for you, will of course, be personal. But, there are some general characteristics to look for, and also some particular trends that may help you be successful in scouting out and investing in a “hot” neighborhood.

Lifestyle and community benefits are part of a greater trend towards neighborhoods that are convenient, healthy and livable. A large part of “lifestyle” these days involves cultivating and encouraging a relationship with the outdoors. Many communities are moving towards protecting and creating more greenspace for residences to enjoy. These spaces offer recreational opportunities, privacy and tranquility by offering public space, screening out busy street noises and reducing glare from headlights.

Studies have show that over a 30-year period, in neighborhoods where landscaping projects are promoted, there has been a definite increase in resident’s self esteem and a decrease in vandalism. Parks and street trees have been found to be second only to education in residents’ perceived value of municipal services offered. Trees, well-landscaped grounds and places for taking walks, tend to be among the most important factors considered when individuals chose a place to live.

Along this line, there is a growing trend towards communities and neighborhoods that are designed and planned to be walkable. Walking is beneficial to people’s health, and is positive for the environment as residents are choosing to walk to destinations rather than drive. Also, walking benefits a neighborhood in terms of community vitality.

Walkable communities generally thrive on land use patterns similar to the towns of the early industrial years where true city centers were at the heart of urban planning. These walk friendly downtowns often offer a mix of restaurants, offices and housing, and all these elements promote interaction.

Communities with neighborhoods and downtowns that are walkable are capturing a greater share of tourist dollars, as visitors are interested in experiencing authentic community life. This attraction results in greater potential for economic well being as these areas tend to boast a strong tourism economy.

Neighborhoods that take advantage of walk ability are becoming highly favored by potential buyers. Look for walkable neighborhood shopping centers that offer “a sense of place”. Lifestyle centers and New Town Centers are being developed to replicate the community and shopping experiences available in the traditional downtown centers. If you can find a neighborhood that offers such smart planning and development, you’ll benefit as a homeowner and in terms of resale down the line.

Some other general considerations that will usually inform the value of a neighborhood include, its proximity to quality amenities and institutions such as schools, hospitals, libraries and public transport.

Try to get a sense of what the neighborhood might look like in ten years. Are there signs of new construction in the area? What kinds of homes and zoning are present in the area, and in what direction do developments seem to be heading? You’ll want a clear sense of the town’s vision and how your particular neighborhood fits in to it.

Choosing a neighborhood the has been designed with a strong sense community will benefit your lifestyle as a homeowner, and ensure a solid investment in an area that is great today, and has all the intention to become even better in the years to come.